About us

Alireza Holding Co. is comprised of diversified businesses with deep roots in Saudi Arabia. Our core business lies in our retail and consumer products operations across Saudi. Over the years, we have been able to grow two separate businesses into Saudi Arabia’s top 100 brands as well as cultivate our partner brands in the region.

Strong networks and long-established relationships also make us a powerful partner, opening doors for those who want to do business in the region.

We represent some of the world’s leading brands locally. Our commitment to supporting our partners and knowing the local market needs has driven our success. Some of our lifestyle electronics brands include, but are not limited to Fitbit, Sennheisser, JBL and more.

From our modest beginnings 25 years ago as a small single store, to representing Beats By Dre in the Kingdom, we have now established an extensive operations infrastructure, built one of the largest Lifestyle electronics distribution networks in Saudi Arabia, and, along the way, we have accumulated comprehensive electronics expertise throughout the kingdom.

Applying our vast knowledge and experience in the Lifestyle electronics sector, we’ve used our expertise and operations infrastructure to diversify into new sectors that contribute to the “shopper who lives through his products” in Saudi Arabia.

Operating Countries

Saudia Arabia

Alireza Tower
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Our People

Introducing the most important asset at Alireza Holding Co., our People.

From the store managers that run our showrooms to the handlers that pack our containers, every person who works for Alireza Holding Co. stands tall with a core feeling of pride and a unique common purpose: to be the best we can be and to serve our customers with a truly wonderful experience.

Quite simply, a company is its people. At Alireza Holding Co. we are dedicated to giving our people a wealth of opportunities to reach their full potential. Everything we do here at Alireza Holding Co. is driven by an unyielding passion for excellence and an unfaltering commitment to developing the best after sales service available in the market.

With a rich variety of backgrounds, our multi-cultural background gives us unique insight into the requirements of our customers and fosters a culture of understanding and respect.

Our History

Alireza Holding Co. was founded in 1997 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with only 20 employees. Back then; we were a small-scale company focusing on selling video games in a few outlets called Tokyo Games. Like most successful businesses, we had a vision for the future: to become one of the leading retailers in the country focusing on bringing leading lifestyle electronic brands to Saudi Arabia. We wanted to represent both local and international brands our citizens could be proud of.

Since we started, dedication has led to growth, while diversification has led to expansion. Although competition is fierce, we continue to listen to our customers and have been able to carve out a niche for ourselves.

A few years later, we made another bold move. In 2008 we launched I.ZONE, an Apple Authorized retailer in Jeddah. Although we were not the exclusive retailer for Apple products, we find ourselves today as the leading destination for Apple products and all Lifestyle electronics brands with over 8 stores Kingdom wide. Meanwhile, we also acquired stakes in an Insurance company and branding company and launched a consumer products division focusing on representing some of the world's leading electronic brands in the region.

Today, after a quarter-century since Alireza Holding Co. was founded, we let our brands speak for themselves. With two brands now voted as TOP 100 Saudi brands, we cannot be prouder! Our commitment to ethical principles, summarized by our brands' purpose, “Value built on Value,” means partners know they are dealing with a partner they can trust. We are convinced that these guiding principles are the firm foundations on which we will build the successes of tomorrow.